We Ball lyrics


That's me, that's me, that's me

Verse 1DGainz

I rock with a squad full of fuckups, antivigilante
Nah, girl, you can't hang if you ain't comin' out them panties
This is Canon camera, shawty, screws kinda loose
You can blame it on society, Kush, the Goose
See, I ain't never had shit, so fuck ya handouts
Fuck the world, skeet on that bitch, yeah, that's what I'm about
This is Operation Get It, fuck the other side
Best believe when I get it, all aboard the dick ride
The Struggle, yeah, I know that guy, matter fact, met him too much
The main nigga hatin' on us, met him when bottom I touch
The world look so different from a perspеctive of the underdog
No–No feelings at all, I'll bе at the top when you call

ChorusDGainz & Choppa Da Goon

Now watch me and my niggas ball, ball
I don't fuck with you niggas at all, all
Now watch me and my niggas ball, ball
I don't fuck with you bitches at all, all [Choppa, Choppa, Choppa Da Goon]

Verse 2Choppa Da Goon

Okay, watch me and my niggas ball, I don't fuck with none of y'all
"Why that money callin' me?" You mad 'cause it ain't callin' y'all
Me, I'm on that Chris Brown shit, I fuck her wall to wall
Bitch, I'm Choppa Da Goon, I make that chopper bust at all of y'all
Chopper stand as tall as y'all, I'm ignorin' all your calls
Bitch, I got my money up and now I'm switchin' mall to mall
You can't kick it with them Bricks unless we bust them jaws and walls
Bitch, I'm on the block, I hustle winter, summer, spring or fall
Yeah, bitch, I'm Buck 20, Chevy sittin' on what? Twenties
Hundred thousand on my dick, I got hoes, what? Plenty
I-I-I fuck with Lamron, bitch, I know you know that shit
Lil–Lil Durk got the Kush, gon' 'head and roll that shit, yeah

Verse 3Vic Mone

No, I can't, stop askin' me
Just watch me and my niggas ball, bitch, we ball like athletes
Fuck that ho, man, she slutty, oops, I mean she is a slut
No, I will not feed her, that bitch can't even get a pizza puff
You can't kick it with them Bricks, guess that's what I'm tryna say
If my team can't grind your face, bitch, you don't even get the time of day
All these groupies on my dick, bitch, I don't want you, you can keep your man
All I do is ball, guess that's why I'm in my free throw stance
Ever since Welch passed away, I'm startin' to see some of the guys is fake
Niggas get mad when I flash the cake, please don't trip, I'll blast the eight
My whole team go-getters, rap niggas should know better
My flow hotter than the middle of July, in the middle of the rockin' four sweaters, ayy


Now watch me and my niggas ball, ball
I don't fuck with you niggas at all, all
Now watch me and my niggas ball, ball
I don't fuck with you bitches at all, all

Verse 4Billionaire Black

I ain't never heard of ya, nah, dawg, we ain't friends
So don't be callin' me "bruh bruh" 'cause pussy nigga, we ain't kin
My whole team some starters, y'all benchwarmers, y'all can't win
My money on a card now, so bankrolls, I don't spend
Agent K, hoes and cash, I put money over bitches
Turned up to the max, outer space swag, call it solar system
Thirty popper on my waist, me and Vic Mone on a mission
If you want a brick, call Loco, he be water whippin'
Real nigga music, all you other guys fugazi
Loud to the face got a nigga real lazy
My partner 'nem some gunners, bombin' shit just like the navy
Yeah, plus, my money real tall
'95 Bulls, see my whole team ball

Verse 5F.Dot

I break bread with them dreadheads
Want beef? I spit lead
Your girl wanna get fed, but I fucked her friends instead
And like my nigga Choppa said, "Bitch, I'm on my grind"
My niggas gotta shine and bitch, I'm gon' get mine
And since it's grind time, niggas out to get mine
And since these niggas big time, we puttin' them on the flatline, yup
Niggas thinkin' they tough can get fucked up
'Cause when my thugs roll up, all them niggas fold up
Sho nuff, vic', gettin' money, niggas thinkin' it's funny
I put your ass in a hole, Bugs Bunny
Yup, know that we about that dough
And when my nigga Black come through, you know we poppin' bottles, leggo

ChorusDGainz & Lil Durk

Now watch me and my niggas ball, ball
I don't fuck with you niggas at all, all
Now watch me and my niggas ball, ball
I don't fuck with you bitches at all, all [L's]

Verse 6Lil Durk

Keep some bands, so free Bump J
He don't play, we don't play
Cancel shit like Nino days
Heater spray
Crackin' shit like BOA
Ballin' like we MIA
Shoot to kill, the age of eight
Shot and killed, and built a case
Half the city fuck with me
Half the city know I'm 'bout it
Half the city like my style
Half the city want me bodied
You know how these niggas is
Cut off their dick and change their jeans
Cliqued up with them heavy hitters
Nobody can stop my team, L's
Fifty-shot, with that beamer hot
that hot
Homicide the spot
Can't catch me, I'm goin' with Dot
Act up, then you filled with dots
Run up, then you lickin' shots, L's

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