DG 808, Marcus Mayor – New Fashion
Genre Rap

New Fashion

Intro :

You can come and get it right now, a brand new fashion
Mayor came up with a style, he made it happen
Maybe you can watch how we're going platinum
We not doing this for clout so thanks for asking

I can't stop now I'm ready for action
You can't hold me down I'm ready for action
Mayor came up with a style, he made it happen
It's about the passion, a brand new fashion

Post Chorus
Ah! are you ready for it?
Are you brave, are strong, are you paranoid? [Yeah
Ah! are you ready for it?
It's a game everyone is tryna make a score. [Yeah
Ah! are you ready for it?
Will you make, will you hold or you'll gеt destroyed?[Yeah
Ah! arе you brave, are you strong or you're paranoid?

Verse 1
They said I would never ever make it
Is it jealousy or its a sign of admiration
I can't complain cause people always judge you daily
But they'll celebrate upon the final day you make it
I just want reach the target, be the largest then I have to work the hardest
People talking, people argue, they say I'm a different artist
Being an artist is the hardest till I put my Jesus on it
My hands are way too successful so I can reach the target

Me and Marcus do it with a passion. [Yeah
Me and Marcus move to greener pastures.[ Yeah
I know we can do it and we keep improving and we disapproving with disasters.[ For real
All you niggas lazy, I was active. [For real
I was always crazy with a passion[yeah
Come and buy your lady Mayor fabrics.[Yeah
It's the new label, the new fashion


Verse 2
My fans were waiting long and they were waiting, they were patient
When I did this song I put my innovation, I'm creative
When I did this song I put the Mayor label as my favorite
If you put me on your song then you'll be thankful, you'll be grateful

Where ya at, where ya at, tell me babe where ya at.[ Woo x4
Mayor bag, Mayor hat, buy you Mayor fanny pack.[ Woo x4
Look at that, check my rap this a brand new way of rap.[damn x2
Look at that, check my rap this a brand new way of rap.[damn x2]

I do this most of hours I'll be working for promotion
Im choosing an approach but unlike others I have motive
Losers wanna boast about their powers but they bogus
My future is q coat of many colours like I'm Joseph

Chorus and Post Chorus

It's not over yet

My impact harder than the biggest car collision
Mind gets smarter cause I fell in love with wisdom
I stay solid like I'll never turn to liquid
And please don't startle when you see I have ambition

Instrumental Break

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