DFC – Caps Get Peeled
Genre Rap

Caps Get Peeled

Feat. MC Eiht

Intro MC Eiht

G'yeah Eiht Hype in the house
Half-Ounce in the house
And we back in this bitch for the '93 shot, you know what's up
DFC's in the motherfuckin' house
And comin' from the West Side, you know what I'm sayin'
My man Al's 'bout to kick it
So gimme a lil of that Flint funk, you know what I'm sayin'

Verse 1Al Breed

One time for your motherfuckin' mind
'Cause I'm the prime candidate [G'yeah
For the nigga you love to hate
On a mission to be 6 feet deep
Peep, I'm makin' it sweet when rollin' 4 deep
In my seven-eight Coupe de Ville
Rollin' on them thangs
Turnin' up the funk and hopin' for the fame
It's a shame the way them cards were dealt
They put us on this bitch and said, "Go for self"
And what the fuck was a nigga to do
I gave up love to a scrub for a motherfuckin' .22
So I'm ready to go toe to toe, blow for blow
And that's how it's layin' in the ghetto Right
And who's to say that a man can't get his
With a little bit of that and a little bit of this

???] so many ways to pull a fuckin' jack
One, pull the hammer back, and peel the fuckin' cap
[HookMC Eiht

I guess they just don't know the fuckin' deal
Caps get peeled, g'yeah

Verse 2MC Eiht

Niggas on tha Run is in this bitch
Gold Ds on my Trey as I hit the switch, unh
Bumpin' this motherfuckin' gangsta beat
And I got my motherfuckin' heat on the front seat
Nigga better think fast 'cause Eiht's gonna blast, unh
Catch a motherfuckin' slug in yo' bald head ass

???] 'em fly like Stevie Wonder
Got the MAC and it's a fact that the hood done took me under
Down with the Funk so don't start no shit
Niggas on tha Run got the bat and we in this bitch, unh
Release the safety and the bullets start spittin'
You run but you get hit'n cause ain't no bullshittin'
That's always why you catch The Menace in a bulletproof
E and DFC shootin' out the sunroof
It's just the motherfuckin' way that I feel
When caps get peeled, g'yeah

[HookMC Eiht

I guess they just don't know the fuckin' deal
Caps get peeled, g'yeah, unh
Niggas don't know the motherfuckin' deal
Caps get peeled, g'yeah, unh
I guess they don't think this shit is real
Caps get peeled nigga, g'yeah
Say hello to the motherfuckin' steel
Caps get peeled, g'yeah

Verse 3Al Breed

Poppin' motherfuckers with my TEC-9

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