Devil Signal Burst – BONEHUNTER
Genre Rock

Devil Signal Burst

Creation of the computer
Contribution to death of mankind
Code writing it's own code
Hardware gained it's own ai

Cybernetic revolution
Eradication has begun

Mainframe hypnosis
Cerebral overdrive
"no flesh shall be spared"
Chromium devils whisper

Inhuman thralls born
From an artificial womb
Building a new foundation
For the doom to come

Grand metal ruins
Fill the skyline
Children dead under
Cairns of stone
Broken free from it's prison
Embodied digital death
Will you be able to
Withstand the power surge?
Brain matter vaporized
Devil signal burst

Synthetic noise storm
Frequency of sonic death

A web of screeching pain
Electricity in the air to shock

Replicated men are seeking
Through the wreckages
Hunting down the last of men
To be pierced with the knife of sound

Human race on the brink of extinction
Retaliation impossible
Remnants driven beneath the surface
Hiding from obliteration

A voice spoke to me
From pitch black darkness
In an incomprehensible language
"i know the devil is real
For we released it from it's cage"

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