Detroit Vs Everybody Remix – Xeno
Genre Rap

Detroit Vs Everybody Remix

Xeno :

To wasted opportunities, no one has immunity
And no one can help stop this lunacy
To all the people who were using me
You think you're the captain of my ship? This is mutiny
I get crap thrown at me
Am I supposed to stand back like a humble man?
Or am I supposed to snap back like a rubber band?
This what I really don't understand
Imma do whatever the hell I can
To make sure I don't get crushed like an aluminum can
With talent, you're bound to make a few enemies
These are the ones who are always gonna be testing me
But I won't rest till I finally see them rest in peace
Cause I can make you lose your sanity
With NO profanity
I started writing rhymes
What started off as a past time
Started to consume my life
I hated it but didn't put up a fight
Because it finally felt like I came out from the darkness and looked towards to the light
Seize my opportunity when it comes, that'll suffice
Cuz we all know lightning never strikes twice

Melly Mel Tha Kidd :
Aka Ski Hikachi
“Tha Kidd” rocking like rocky
Knocking out all these tracks back to back never be stopping
Looking like i’m a cockpit in control of my fly-ness
I don’t dress to amaze
My mind is my Synopsis
Live your life for the praise
Then live your life in a Daze
And you weak like 7 days
And you lost like 7 strays
Just be yourself
Don’t let demons drag you through hell
Let go of “what if's”” just do it and never bail
I’m on Cruise control
I don’t know where I’m gonna go but I’m gonna go
I let my will take the wheel now I’m on a roll
This empire need a new groove call me Kuzco
So I'm the one like Neo yelling uno

Ayo Ayo Ayo Ayo

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