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December 10, 2014

Shady Records

Intro: The Godfather sample
"Don't you ever forget. Don't you ever take sides with anyone against the family. Do you hear me? Ever."

Chorus: DeJ Loaf
Tell 'em if they want it, they can come get that (Static)
I swear I love my city, I just want a little (Static)
See me, they salute me, they ain't ready for that (Static)
Detroit vs. Everybody

Verse 1: Trick Trick
What up doe, everybody? I'm Detroit
So it's me vs. everybody if you ain't Detroit
We all hood, we love the gun smoke
A message from air traffic control
I'm doin' them niggas bold
Takin' it back to when rappers got beat up out their clothes
Treat 'em like little hoes
Used to wake up to snitches swingin' from light poles
When the booger sugar took a light dose
Shout out to every nigga that ever made money over in Brightmoor
With the white folks, in the window like a psycho
Puttin' the perfect play together; maestro
And since it's so cold in the D, if you don't come to see me
You might fuck around and see a nigga ice go
Had a lil' homie, run up on him with a knife though
Aiight ho, watch the big homie on the roof with the rifle
Who might go loco and shoot for nothin'
Will go postal with you for somethin'
And I'm willin' to give it to keep the counterfeits up out of my city
Ask around and they all know Tricky
Still pull it together for the kitty
Pour a little liquor for Biggie
And Frank Nitti on the Mickey, send 'em to Diddy
Tried to get me a spot on the Revolt
Switch a man's past from the revolt
Touchin' mothafuckas with the remote
Think your man sleepin' out here but nigga please, he woke

Chorus: DeJ Loaf
Tell 'em if they want it, they can come get that (Static)
I swear I love my city, I just want a little (Static)
See me, they salute me, they ain't ready for that (Static)
Detroit vs. Everybody

Verse 2: DeJ Loaf
Ayo east side, raised on that east side
When we just throw our pinkies up along with the peace sign
Fairview street sign, who the fuck are these guys?
Niggas want war, we make 'em feel it, touch their G spot
My grandma sold pies and I ain't talkin' 'bout no key lime
Junkies at the side door, make sure that ain't 5-0
They done set her up, they done hit her with that combo
They done let the dogs out, house smellin' like Pine Sol
That was on the north end, I was on the porch then
Grandma what you cookin' up? Grandma why that fork bent?
Grandma where my mom at? Now I want her, beep her up
Always imagined we was poor and that her feet was up
Jordans, yeah we had 'em on, bitch it wasn't no teasin' us
Remember me and Pooh was in the window eatin' peanut butter
Damn I miss my cousin, I'm like R.I.P. to Trina's son
I'm from where it ain't no love, everybody need a gun, yuh

Verse 3: Guilty Simpson
Detroit V.S. everybody, P.S
Fuck y'all too, we don't care what y'all do
Still, you can't deny the real
Time reveal, society squeals and the society kill
Money motivated though we take it
These cats are overrated, severely, poppin' up yearly
Then they disappear within the same year
Like it never happened, them niggas just rappin' barely
I'm a shooter, loadin' my magazine and throw the book at 'em
Like a prosecutor, the Glock'll do you like a college tutor
Cause right after class
I teach a mothafucka somethin' and watch him pass
Graduation, I rattle cages
We make some uncomfortable, I didn't grow up like the Huxtables
West 7th where those drugs'll move nonstop
Soft white or hard rock, get everybody in your yard shot
You'll get a feel for my city when I send the welcoming committee
With the 50 calibers and the smoke grey Dodge Challengers
You frown on your face, we'll kick it pretty
When I grip the semi, you better have some grip to give me
Or the steel smokes, you cats are real jokes
You bitch niggas, smack your face numb like you feel coke
Until you get the big picture, mothafucka

Chorus: DeJ Loaf
Tell 'em if they want it, they can come get that (Static)
I swear I love my city, I just want a little (Static)
See me, they salute me, they ain't ready for that (Static)
Detroit vs. Everybody

Verse 4: Black Milk
Let the celebration kick off
This that point in the party where that person start pointin'
That pistol because they're pissed off
Shots lick off, fire spit off
This track put a fire up under me like rockets when they lift off
The map, these rappers that recite raps
We don't believe 'em like that
Deadbeat dad sayin' that he'll be right back
But city that's rough and looked at as them black sheeps
With them rap sheets that's long as track meets
So let's take a stroll, come follow me down these back streets
Where blacks and the trap meet
Killers and dealers that had dreams to be athletes
But them dreams got put in the back seat
And makin' fast funds the shotgun
Got some homies that's still in the hood, life finna twirl
They ask me "what is it like to see the rest of the world?"
Away from the block, away from the gutter
All they know is the blocks and watchin' for cops undercover
So what you have here, some niggas that's never had a fear they couldn't face
Tougher than '89 Laimbeer in the paint
Posted, Chuck D coachin', never laid up
City soil that made us
7 mile with the players, Puritan and PA-ers
? where the bullets strayin'
Fenkell where the bodies layin'
6th mile where them hollows sprayin'
Woodward where they ain't playin'
Schoolcraft you find that mayhem where hollows holler in the AM
Gratiot where grandma's stayin'
Neighborhood that's decayin'
Niggas pockets is light so that light bill they're never payin'
So fam don't let your lips talk, that could be your pitfall
And get you sprayed on like murals on side of brick walls
Dudes watchin' waitin' for you to get sloppy
Like a hitman lurkin' in the shadows with his shotty
Out here screamin' "Let's go", yeah my nigga X know
City where the TECs blow but we ain't talkin' techno

Chorus: DeJ Loaf
Tell 'em if they want it, they can come get that (Static)
I swear I love my city, I just want a little (Static)
See me, they salute me, they ain't ready for that (Static)
Detroit vs. Everybody

Verse 5: Sino
I'm stumblin' in my Detroit fitted, bitch
Anybody want some beef then we with it, bitch
Shit, see in the Mitten all my niggas 'bout that action
Might be 30 niggas with me, every nigga with me packin'
No fly zone, shit, just for pussies on that fuck shit
Dirty glove, boy this ain't the city to be fucked with
Shout out my uncle Trick, you get to trippin', he gon' dump quick
My city verses everybody (you gotta kill everybody!)
Boy, RIP to Blade, I hope he hear this
I swear if Ron was free, he'd be the first nigga to kill this
Street nigga, give me a ki' and I'ma deal it
Better give a nigga his cash or you can feel it
What up Em, signed the city to Shady and fuck it
They say the world is a bitch, I'ma keep on fuckin' it
My city on my back and I'ma keep on runnin' it
Still got that chopper on the back seat, ain't shit sweet, boy

Verse 6: Marv Won
40287, I'm out that black bottom
If they don't fuck with the boy, I bet the crack got 'em
It's enough two faces here to attack Gotham
And ain't nobody a ho until the MACs spot 'em
Dot 'em, play possum, no brave option
All of mine yay choppin' and K shoppin'
The nerdiest nigga here can play the part of a goon
Transplant your killers if it ain't no heart in the room
Wait 'til he sugar sharp and then throw salt in the wound
These red beams'll turn your white party maroon
I got a pair of gators that I hardly wear
Nigga I will kill you over these Cartiers
I got a couple bands with the dice on the floor
When I was 9, boy I could tell you the price of a bow
Listen, full length minks just to show we stuntin'
Brother you know it's nothin'
Nigga I'm Coleman Young'in, tell 'em!

Chorus: DeJ Loaf
Tell 'em if they want it, they can come get that (Static)
I swear I love my city, I just want a little (Static)
See me, they salute me, they ain't ready for that (Static)
Detroit vs. Everybody

Verse 7: Payroll Giovanni
I'm from the west side blocks where we roll in spots
And have blow blowout sales to blow out a watch
Young niggas gettin' popped cause of the clique they claim
And in most homicides, it's a bitch to blame
My future plan's to stay froze 'til my wrist complains
If rap fails, I'm whippin' coke 'til the brick complains
In the new 6 switchin' lanes, probably with big kis
Ain't talkin' coffee when I say the trunk is where the big be
You see that D right above where my lid be
Can't trust a soul, well that's how these streets did me
I bossed up from setbacks by luck, I rep that
Ain't scared of nigga's shit, I'm from Detroit, I expect that

Verse 8: Hydro
Look I'm from Detroit, bitch
Where we crack heads and we break bails
Inspired by the dopeman that pack hammers and make sales
Dreaming of a rollie, a coupe, a crib off of lake trails
They quick to take a trip with so much weight that it'd break scales
Young boys wilding, with a chopper they'll make hail
Screaming "fuck the cops" and quick to pop off like some fake nails
Shout out to my strippers with 30 inches and fake tails
And pounds of the cookie like I was running a bake sale
Holla if you need it, I got it, just come and ask the man
Try me and get cheddar on your head just like a Packer fan
Riding down your mama street with tints on a blacker van
And turn your block into a war zone like we in Pakistan
Nobody I can call on, it's ball or get balled on
Wrists full of that shit you niggas can slip and fall on
Why the fuck you hating us when we can put them all on?
And they can help their little mans and they can hit the mall strong
It's 7 Mile 'till I die, raised by some street niggas
Fuck friends, ain't got none, I'm dolo with this heat, nigga
Boogers in my watch face, my wrists be looking slimy
Once I fuck she's like my seatbelt, I put that bitch behind me, nigga

Chorus: DeJ Loaf
Tell 'em if they want it, they can come get that (Static)
I swear I love my city, I just want a little (Static)
See me, they salute me, they ain't ready for that (Static)
Detroit vs. Everybody

Verse 9: Big Gov
My timing was perfect, designed to be worshiped
Like Jesus as a fetus
Was destined to earn my stripes like Adidas
Needless to say I'm the sniper
Pick us off, niggas soft
While they spitting bars in the middle of a cypher
I'm from the same hood as Big Meech and Big T
So miss me with ho shit or end up on this street
Home of the big three; big cuffs, big guns, big chips
Where broke niggas get hood rich off of quick flips
I'm from the city where the bitches even gangster
Suck a nigga dick, get her robbed, tell 'em thank you
We don't fuck with you outsiders, learn who to talk to
Or get stomped for feeling like the man when you walk through
And I don't even walk around with my chest out
But know it's drama when you see me with my vest out
My next route is finding out where you rest at
Catch you sleep, make the crime scene where you slept at
And the next cat who disrespect my city on some rap shit
I'm on his ass like cellulite on a fat bitch
This shit is drastic and you ain't gotta ask if
A nigga come disrespectful, he leaving out in a casket

Verse 10: Boldy James
Detroit VS everybody, that's me against the world
I might not sell a cop, but who need a brick or girl?
A thousand grams on my cock, later alligator
Moist of the aviator, cardi sipping activator
Never been a punk, faker or a lean whipper
Steady packing eighters in a one paper king swish
Concrete, definition of real street nigga
Whole hood know that I'm the only real D nigga
That really mean it when you hear me say I am Detroit
Can hear it in my voice, my fault Em and Royce
For being four days late turning my verse in
But me and Ready Rock was in the spot putting that work in
What was you doing before you ever touched your first ten?
I was in the streets with my peeps getting them chirps in
Text me when the work gone, I text him back the work end
Tryna get my hands on the pack when they first in
On my Captain Planet I possess earth, wind and fire
But you being a liar is the worst sin
Keep throwing rocks at the throne with a glass chin
I'm still that same nigga on the corner with a half grin
I never let these niggas use my ears for no trash cans
Been selling dope for too long, it's time to cash in
King James, before this rap shit I had street fame
And the keys to the city on my key chain

Chorus: DeJ Loaf
Tell 'em if they want it, they can come get that (Static)
I swear I love my city, I just want a little (Static)
See me, they salute me, they ain't ready for that (Static)
Detroit vs. Everybody

Verse 11: Kid Vishis
Whoever said Vishis phony, get to know me
Our hollows'll make a rapper drop the mic, no diss to Joey
Guns of all sizes, I fire and get smokey
Riding with the biggest ratchet on the car dash, I call it Khloe
You think you hard? I think you doughey
His guts'll fall out looking like someone stuck a knife in a stoagie
Homie, you owe me your life
I'm Columbine balling, throwing a stripe
Wiping you out and bounce like a thief in the night
I now control machinery, it's like real steel
Gun ductaped to the tires, that mean I will kill
They say I'm fooling to 'em
They asked me for a hot sixteen
So I lit my notebook on fire and threw it to 'em
Here's a DeJ Loaf punchline
I kill your whole family and leave a red trail, that's your bloodline
Try me, I bust nines
Stick a clock in his mouth and make him chew
Yeah, nigga, it's crunch time

Verse 12: Big Herk
We got them choppers, how a nigga with a knife gon' win?
Y'all just shooting the breeze, they done let a cyclone in
This what happen when little mama boys trapped grown men
Lyrically ahead of my time like the iPhone 10
And why Detroit always get a bad name?
My City ready to blow like we hit a gas main
These niggas thinking they dope, but their shit a tad lame
Man, their pen and pad game more like Trinidad James
Fuck you and whoever you run with
I'm on that BS, I'm still in the middle with dumb shit
I'm a beast, everything you hear me spit real tight
Your flow wack, it's out of Egypt, nigga, it's real light (get it?)
I'mma keep it real, niggas can't fuck with me
It's like I contracted Ebola, they ain't touching me
Detroit VS Everybody, niggas know we started that
Now every city all across the world want a part of this

Chorus: DeJ Loaf
Tell 'em if they want it, they can come get that (Static)
I swear I love my city, I just want a little (Static)
See me, they salute me, they ain't ready for that (Static)
Detroit vs. Everybody

Verse 13: Icewear Vezzo
Street niggas smarter than Kwame, bustin' hardbody
Panamera fold up Porsche, let the car box me
I know niggas ain't sold shit, they did armed robberies
Rugrats buying out bottles and playing with old Tommy's
East side, come to the zone, that's where the lions play
Young niggas stepping on blow, that's where the tigers stay
In my hood the first of the month, that shit a holiday
These cemeteries meet their capacity every fathers day
Hit a lick, keep all the work, get the stolie back
Tell a jeweler don't say shit, just get the Rollie checked
If them niggas bump one lip then get your homies wacked
I swear that you knew my boss, bitch, I'm Tony Jack
Real shooters run in the trap with them choppers out
Heard them niggas bumping their gums, see what they talkin' 'bout
In a spot with so much syrup, this bitch a waffle house
Hit the pharma with so many scripts, could buy the doctors out

Verse 14: Detroit Che
I'm Detroit Che
I'm as sick as some syphilis, sicker than Detroit hate
If you come knocking then it's trick or treat
I call up Tricky, load that shit then let that trigger squeeze
That shit ain't sweet, I'm from the murder mitten
Never thought my friend would've been a murder victim
I'm in that van, I want revenge, I'm on some Kendrick shit
I'm pissed off like a mistle, his dick's soft, he's ticked off, he can't get shit hard
If you diss my city I will set it off with a motherfucking semi that's bigger than Big Sean
Our city is Marshall Mathers on Adderall
You better pray we not mad at all when them gats involved
With swisher cap, we're flicking your fucking city off
I'll bust your fucking noggin, you disrespecting my city, dawg
I'm queen Che been on the throne for a minute
Before the cypher I've been slicing dice, these hoes will admit it
Bitch, I'm Slim Shady, we louder than M80's
No, I'm just playing, hope he hears it, I'm just saying
I'm a renegade, pussy sweeter than lemonade
You'll never penetrate
DeJ, tell these bitches to try me, I'mma demonstrate
Vez, tell them that I got options, I'm a real estate
On them properties like monopoly
Detroit VS Everybody, I make a verse versus everybody
Fuck your city, no fly zone, nigga, it's Detroit Che versus everybody
Detroit vs everybody, it's Detroit vs everybody
Fuck your city, no fly zone, nigga, it's my city versus everybody

Verse 15: Calicoe
(I just have to talk shit for a minute, man
I have to get in my zone, man, huh
It's the going, going, back, back to Cali, Cali, to Cali Cali)

Cali Cali, that's where I get them cheaper at
Your number like my number, I need a number I can reach you at
Want my price, then you get a price, I want at least a stack
You pay my flight, then you pay your flight, I'll meet you back
Middle man in my own plug, I can teach you that
Detroit vs everybody, who could compete with that?
You thinking everybody zips slow cause they got a plug?
My nigga, everybody zips slow cause I'm showing love
So whenever you make a flip again just know I'm showing love
If cash die, I'm on the strip again, just know I'm throwing dubs
Big roochies on the Michelins, rolling A1 dubs
Mind on my money, fuck a nigga tryna hold a grudge
Them crabs in the bucket used to slow me up
And now I'm sitting at the top and it's lonely as fuck
Got 20 thousand for my red bottoms
Cause I was standing in this blood after I headshot 'em, nigga

Verse 16: Diezel
It's me, bitch
Mafia captain, OG, bitch
20 years, been Detroit vs whoever, nigga
The right hand to the hand that be gettin' niggas
Goon squad mafia, mobbin'
For this dirty mothafucka, where it's my home
And I love this mothafucka
So I stood on the front line, ready for one time
Duck some shots, and buck bled for my line
All for the love of the palm of the dirty glove
Every hood, every block, nigga one love
7 mile is the hood where I came up
Pray the game keep it and get your weight up
Bitch you better say us when you're talkin' 'bout next
Detroit niggas stood up when put to the test
Like what? Nigga, who? What the fuck
Anybody wanna do? We ain't hear shit
One army, one city, one sound
It's Detroit, gon' shut shit down
It's time to return the king his crown
Fuck who got next, nigga we got now

Detroit Vs Everybody (Remix) – Shady Records

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