Destructo Disk – Gemittarius Season (Live 2021)
Genre Rock

Gemittarius Season (Live 2021)

Umm... I wore this outfit for aesthetical purposes, but I'm so hot right now. Don't ever do it, learn from my mistakes. This song's called Gemittarius Season

I'm in love and it feels great
My skin's clearing up
Sometimes I think about the future and I crack a smile
And stare at the wall, or the sky, or your hair
Take a picture
You moved away but I'll be there soon
2 hour drive on a Sunday afternoon
I learn more from you than any public school
Spouting words that we made up
Asking if you've had enough

I'm here, I'm focused on the task at hand
She elbow-droppеd me in the chest with a mastеr plan
My body collapsed, she ate up the shell
I'm gonna teleport to a colorful place on a hill
The goal's to pay her bills, I'm taking pictures of architecture
And I don't really know what the future holds, but I don't really care
Why should we care?
You say, "Okay let's meet at noon"
I'll drag myself out of the room
We're both late to the party cause we're busy getting dressed
Feel the trees beneath the moon, see the light behind your head

And now I'm focused on the task at hand
I'm cooking breakfast for two, and then I'm fucking singing genuine love songs right out of my throat
Cheesy chameleon don't know when he GOAT, and I feel sorry for those unimpressed
But I don't hate to tell you that I try my best
She's the one, the only one
Gemini-Sagittarius season

Put this in your music festival

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