Dessiderium – Mother
Genre Rock


Naked and cold, Sofia
Mother of the world
You stand before a man-made storm
Your chest absorbs the sword

Mirror of Earth, Anti-Terra
A parallel you still breathes
An author of words to inscribe my wounds
And erase your pain away

Heaven bent at the street curve
The sun projecting a day
Where heart ships sailed to netherworld
Dead love in my arms

Tear drops falling down on your alien shore
In the peaceful sea, you found your dream
Now in sleep I only sink

Scream to the sky in failure
A question and demand
Why did you go?
Please come home
I don't want to grow old alone

Lately I have not been outside
If the door comes open
Time will slip out

Remember what it cost
No memory is lost

To understand this failure
One must not breathe
To find the only way out
Take the sand to the grave of sea

Suddenly the lights go out
I’m in a distant dream
Where I caress your face
While the symphony plays
Finally I found the words
In one more day she'll know
Don't you go anywhere
I have something to ask

There’s time to think
There's time to find a way
Nothing will halt my will
Tonight we're going home

Wagner echoed through the night
A symphony for fire
Ash and smoke carry me to the sky
An essence without a name
Your hand extends as memories fade
I'll meet you at the gates
Watch law incinerate with flesh
As the light from our spirits
Burns infinitely

Mother weeping on the shore
Bereavement reverie
Now I'll always know why
I'll always know why
Mother sleeping on the shore
In the bed of nature's grief
I'll always know why
Now I’ll always know why

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