Dessiderium – Cosmic Limbs
Genre Rock

Cosmic Limbs

Save me
I need a tragedy to wake me up
I'm falling evermore
To the moonless place

Save me
From losing the sound of your voice
Stay with me
In my heart
My soul
In this world

Brooding me
Victim to everything
Victim to the pain I inflict
Had to find a place
Far away
A purgatory of the mind
Only to breathe
Unable to see
Blinded in the absence of light

I hope
When this hits
I close my eyes and go to sleep
To find a life with you

Why have we grown apart?
Mirror face
Why won't you look me in the eye?

Had everything
My persona
Lost it all in the haze of green
And I'm sorry now
I'm sorry for the drugs
They made me feel okay
I'm sorry for staying high
I felt love inside my mind
Your skin
Glowing from the morning's kiss
Our limbs
Tangled like the clouds' cosmic winds

Something's stalking in the dark
All alone in a bed made for two
And I wonder if it's you
Or a ghost to bring me back home
To the place where I belong
In your arms

I hope
When this hits
I close my eyes and go to sleep
To find a life with you
Shoot me up from this bed in Hell
To the heavens to see your face
I'll kill my self to see you in another dream

Cosmic limbs severed off
Floating by the virgin's eye
Lover I have no soul
Naked before the moon
Before we find my room
Lover I want your soul
Dreams of lust, made up time
Burning in the virgin's mind
Lover I need your soul
Higher, high enough
Dreaming with open eyes
Lover I want you home

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