Derek Austin – The Bullet
Genre Country

The Bullet

Feat. Ashley Cooke

Verse 1Derek Austin

I really thought we were gonna make it
Girl you're the best I ever had
We both know it's over, baby let's face it
All the good times can't fix the bad
One of us probably gonna hurt more than the other


Verse 2Ashley Cooke, Derek Austin

Wish we could skip past the sad part
I wish neither one of us had to take the blame
I don't wanna be the last one standing
Living with the guilt and the damage
That's no reason to stay



After chorus: Derek Austin
Who's gonna say what has to be said?

ChorusDerek Austin, Ashley Cooke

So who's gonna be the broken?
And who's gonna break the heart?

If you wanna walk away

I guess I'll take the bullet

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