Demonstealer – Rebel in Space
Genre Rock

Rebel in Space

We left the stars
We left this place
Begin a new quest
Hyperlapse through time and space
From here to eternity and back again

Start the engine, rev to the max
Straddle up and sit back tight
Here we go, don't overload
We’re just a bunch of rebels in space

A new dawn, a new day
An adventure awaits
Got to suit up, fire up
Drive out into space

Exploring the galaxies, riding through the stars
Exploring the unknown, I roam like a god
This infinite, unending, void we call space
I journey through cosmos, exploring the aeons

Is there really an end to space?
Could we have gone beyond?
Where do we find ourselves?
Wormholes that call my name

A shooting star falls as I fly by
My destiny calling, this is my time
I'm galaxy explorer, rebel in the sky
It's not for fortune but the thrill I ride

When darkness calls, I know it’s not my name
I heard it call, again and again, I know it's not my name
All systems have failed

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