Genre Rap


Verse 1synapse

Pick me up but you could never put me down
I need religion luckily I found the holy ground
Need some purity the blood spill on her wedding gown
You been talking lot of shit you need to simmer down
Out of all my friends you’re the one to stab me in the back right
Now you see me with the rope around your neck tight
Good guy get high until your lungs hurt
Masked motherfucker’s just a sad pervert

Verse 2LY

Hit my man up and bought this shit by the kilo
Smelly yes a pussy cat
And greener than fucking CeeLo
Bitches come from all around to see us but only me though
I can’t cap I can’t front I’m off the Tito’s
How many times will I overextend my credit hunnids
How many bottles I buy til I regret it but this
Feeling it so immaculate snapping ain’t gonna capture it
Imma be on boom bap until I get mother fucking rap shit and I

Verse 3TW33T

Still can’t get you out my fucking mind
Yeah you went and wasted most of all my time
Yeah saying I am just a rebound
Yeah well you can go and fucking drown now
Saying it was done from the very start
Should of seen the storm coming guess I’m not that smart
When you said you loved me telling people you was lying
Fell in love saw it crumble I was still trying

Verse 4N8 DAWGG

Hey man you know we’re really lifting off
Inhaling all of the nic until a wheezing cough
Hey man you know we’re really lifting off
I guess I’ll see you later for now I’m signing off


Please just fucking tell me bitch yeah I wanna know
Was this all just fun and games or a fucking show
Am I just a fucking toy just some bubbles you blow
Or just another opportunity to let your ego grow

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