Delam (feat. Dad) – Hiatus
Genre Pop

Delam (feat. Dad)

Yeah, I said, start
He said:
Sadio marde nekoonam namirad hargez
Masma glasses, hold on. Ready?

Sadio marde nekoonam namirad hargez
Morde anast ke namash be nekoyee nabarand
He says:
Saadi, the man whose got good name and has been helpful, he never dies
The person who is called 'dead' is the person
Who they don't mention him in a good deed or good behavior

Another one he said:
Madar! Gonahe zendegiam ra be man bebakhsh
Zira agar gonahe man in bud az to bud
He said:
Mother forgive me for sins of my life
Because these sins, which I've done
Is mainly result of your work in the past

Hargez nakhastam ke to ra sarzanesh konam
Amma to ra be rasti az zadan che sud?
I never wanted to blame you for anything
But really, what was the benefit of producing me
To the world? And to the life?

Then he says:
Zendegi chun kelafe pich pich ast avvalash hich o akharash hich ast
Means that, life is like a tangled ball of wool
Which the beginning it starts around nothing and ends to nothing

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