Dear hip-hop
It's been a while since I've seen you smile
I mean for real, like when nobody else is around
I know it's tough, I seen you dealing with some clowns
Who try to say they're really bout it but they're never down
With anything that helps you if it isn't helping them
I know it sounds corny but what you need's a gentleman
You've been distracted by Gucci and going ratchet for Louis
Too busy passing the doobie to realize your relevance
You've had it rough, I can hear all the abuse in your voice
You've done what everyone else wants as if you've had no choice
You've had men screaming at you so much you got used to the noice
Now you don't realize you're worth, you've got no clue to the point
You used to be a woman representing more
Now you just give it up for cash, but I won't say a whore
I believe you'll see the other side of the door
And we can go back living like the way we had before
Dear hip-hop
I'm feeling lost, I don't feel like I can trust you
It seems like you think all my problems can be solved with drug use
I followed your advice and I was just another drunk dude
It's hard to admit it, but lately I've been thinking "fuck you"
You don't represent the things you said you did with 2Pac
Lately all you're interested in is money you've got
And anyone who's pushing something rolling off a newer lot
People say you're cheap and I hope that they all get proven wrong
Dear hip-hop
When did you become the system?
Your whole entire purpose was to help us rise against them
You used to stand for the people but now you just neglect them
And the Man got to 'em all cuz there was no one to protect them
But I guess you're cool, right?
Not worried about none of us
Just pop another Xanax tab and roll another blunt or something
You should probably cool it with the liquor though
You've drunk enough
And you know where I'll be if you've forgotten where you're coming from
Dear hip-hop

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