DEADMANDAZE – Jerk (Receipt Printer)
Genre Rap

Jerk (Receipt Printer)

Verse 1Poizonous

I’m literally too drastic to alleviate your sadness
Acrobatic manic thought process of interaction
Honorable division can only lead to attraction
Brainwashed individuals interpret the madness
I’m abnormal, not formal
Enter portals, I’m immortal
Soldiers planting bombs only leads to turmoil
I’m causing ruckus, counterfeit foes don’t ignore us
Flow’s enormous with importance, seeping through the flooring
I always know, don’t you ever flinch or forget
Excitingly storing thoughts in drawers in my head
Obligated to achieve and accomplish I said
Viciously cryptic, words resisting to backtrack or descend
I don’t really need nobody
I’m after this dream
Still feeling reoccurring tension
I’m after all things
Don’t you ever feel or think that I’m vain or that I concеit
Store words on paper, a till, a cash registеr’s machine
I’m elevating in the matrix
I’m Keanu, so amazing
I’m cynical as the next alien
I’m feeling like an amphibian
Taking all this passion and mashing it in a bitch’s face again
I’m the winner curse, not sinister
Venomous with the Super words
You’re futile with plans to introduce, they will never work


We don’t fuck with your left-wing propaganda
We don’t fuck with your motherfucking propaganda X2

Verse 2LordDeathEclipse

Excellent and penciling
I’m prepping in and stepping in
Extricate investments
Truculence and insolence
Looking ghostly ever since I went and died then left this shit
I’m doing the impossible, intense with wits and diligence
Look at me, I’m leading everything into an ending see
The messiah I be, I’m infinity and the remedy
I will end their suffering while being treated heavenly
I’m heavily the recipe while I determine everything
I’m in charge of everything
You break my laws, you’ll never be extenuating
I’m anti-modernist, I’m the lord and the serpent king
King Henry V mentality, I’m Shakespeare with the travesties
I’m no burden, I am eclipsing for extremity
Majestic sluts surrounding me
I’m everywhere on Earth like the air we breathe
I just keep on separating while they keep on staring at me completely

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