DEADMANDAZE – Intro of Prevision
Genre Rap

Intro of Prevision

Verse 1LordDeathEclipse

I never am agreeing with the weaklings out here preaching
I’m the king controlling demons
I’m the serpent causing grievance
I ain’t believing all their teachings
I’m erupting with the wittiness and taking out the disobedience
I’m accustomed to the irritants
Controlling all of the militants
Still adjusting, fuck a critic
I’m abundant and unforgiving
Fuck a union, I keep spewing
Your a brute but I’m exclusive
Your a tool but I am lucrative

Verse 2Poizonous

Never cared of what they thought about the beam
Reluctant to normality
Cannot relate to humanity
Their panicky and manically staring at impossibility
Extraterrestrials bout bring out the guns, the sky we run
The whole unthinkable and cryptically yoked horror has officially begun
I’m throwing radiation out just like the sun and I do this for months
I’m done with everyone
I’m killing euphoria at once
I’m affecting until I’m done
I’m the horrid mess, I’m blunt

Verse 3LordDeathEclipse

I’m cynical and spiritually the one they wanna believe it seems
Instinctual complexity and underlying brilliancy
Ineffective mysteries weren’t even a little menacing
I’m the eloquence and divinity
I’m tackling the incomplete, capeesh?
I’m a correlated problem that’s blowing past industries
I’m abrasive whiplash
Master with no difficulty
I spit this corresponding dominance
I’m the expensive unfathomed glitz
Snazzier raps birth my prominence

HookBrain Lizard

I don’t fucking listen to the shit you put out
Motherfuck your dreams and everything you’re about X2


I am done with everything
I’m sickened by the thought of me
I don’t need hope and I don’t need peace
Leave my ashes, leave me things
I don’t really wanna deal with shit
Don’t feel a thing, I’m anonymous
I’m the deadman and this marvelous again
I just wallow in darkness

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