D*ck in my mouth – Lil throatgoat
Genre Rap

D*ck in my mouth


I put the penis in my mouth
Suckin' on dick I go down south
*ash kaashh noises*
How I suck that dick I'm proud !
Suckin' that dick, I got no reason
I'm wit my nigga you know that he beating
Fuck my pussy yea, fuck it
Like a dick, yea I tuck it
Fuck my pussy, fuck it
Yea my dick, yea I tuck it

Verse 1

Okay niggas really gay
Yea we takin' dick!
Your mans said he's straight, but he's not
I might suck his dick [okay okay
I just rhymed, dick with dick
Took her man, now she's sick
Closet stay, throwin fits
I'm taking his v card im giving him v-neck
He's feelin me hard cause im giving him butt-sex
I'm going dumb
Fucking his ass cause he's making me erect
I cum on his face, he wipe it away
Nigga that's child neglect

Verse 2645AR

Remember them days I had no racks !
All I know is this ass was fat
You want respect? come smoke some gas
3 dicks in me, your hoe know where one at
Fat cock cause i go like that
Big dick, it belongs in my ass
Nigga, you know where im at >;]

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