DC The Don – Nightmare
Genre Rap





Tellin' me that's blasphemy
Was in the past for you
What were you askin' me?
Is this the end of my nightmare?
Just winnin' stereo talk
I ain't hearin' the words
I just been thinkin' it's dead
Can't get you out of my head
I'm really losin' my mind
I'm feelin' so out of place
Oh yeah, it's so much you hate
Come say that shit to my face
No, that won't work in our way
It's just so much I can say
And yeah I'm so fuckin' late
But you can call me back now
Said you can call me back now, ooh
And it's like I'm wrong if I leave, oh
Hella scars that are up my arm, but they never bleed, oh

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