Days Of Being Wild – Slyrex
Genre Rap

Days Of Being Wild

Produced by Slyrex


There’s nothing left to prove
California views
What a life
Tryna go the distance
I hate to go missing
But you can see the difference
Why we reminiscing still?
Everything’s different
Everything’s different now
Darker times
Know you tried
Know you tried
Rosé plus
Dutty wine
Some days just don’t slow down
New Year’s Eve
Drink and pass out
Long as I see Sarah, it’s a good night
Long as I see Lo, it’s a good night but


How you think it comes so easy for me?
How you don’t see that I’m bleeding for it?
When did this become so need to know?
[I know it's a lot
Ain’t pack no bags but I’m leaving, though
I’m leaving, though
[But don't act like you forgot]


I know it's a lot
But don't act like you forgot
I know it's a lot
But don't act like you forgot

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