Genre Rap


HookShaun Rivera

Verse 1Shaun Rivera

Verse 2Nicklaus Pangilinan

And I'm scared to to God [hello?
Like what if he thinks I'm a lot? [uh oh
I'm just tryna be genuine but he prolly knows that I'm a fraud [that I'm a fraud
And I've been lookin' at my life [every night, ay
And how I've never joined a fight [I'm just flight, ay
It doesn't matter what mess you in
'Cause it becomes last night, it becomes last night
At least that's what I tell myself [all the time
Man, sometimes I hate myself [it's in my mind
Spittin' lies in the booth, in my head is the truth
Havin' both on my mind, I don't know what to do
I just know that sometimes life is unfair
They say to stop and inhale on the fresh air
But what if I can't breath?
What if you can't see?
What if we can't speak?
I just need some sleep [on God]

HookShaun Rivera

OutroMahershala Ali

At some point you gotta decide for yourself who you gon' be
Can't let nobody make that decision for you

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