David Shawty – yesterday
Genre Rap




Verse 1

I was posted up in Idaho
I had fentanyl inside my nose
Oh, I believe, in yesterday
Suddenly [Ay
I popped half a xan, I’m half of me
In a nightmare living happily
Oh, I believe, in yesterday
Why I overdosed
I don't know, took too many pills
I think something’s wrong
Now I’m in the cardigan

Verse 2

She said she don’t wanna fuck with me [Ay
She came over now she’s sucking me
And now I know what nothing means
Why she broke my heart
I don't know, she wouldn't say [Ay
I said something’s wrong
Now I long for yesterday

Verse 3

Yesterday [Huh, uh
We were moving around so evilly [Oh, oh
Now I don’t know what you see in me
Oh, I believe in yesterday
Why I fuck myself?
‘Cause I want to fuck myself

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