David James Gibson – A Song For All The Broken Hearted People Of The World
Genre Pop

A Song For All The Broken Hearted People Of The World

This is a song for the broken hearted people of the world
The girls who lost the guys who knew too late that they had lost the girls

You're waiting for someone to run into you and stop
Just long enough to know the burning passion hidden deep within your soul

Oh oh

You go running from everything that you could think might ever hurt you
Never knowing all the things that come along that might be worth the hurt

And wishing for movie-worthy incidents and instruments
To bring your lover into other places under covers where you might just fall in love

Oh oh

And all you know for sure is all you know is not enough
And you'vе been holding on too long and too long acting all too tough
And when you saw the signs above dеclaring you would not find love
You pray to the devil and to god above to send you someone to dream of

Now missing potential and essential fundamental elements
Of how the species will connect, with undeniable effect
Wanting a man to hold you hand, a lady to lay all your plans
For lives entwined around a vine that stretches forth and back in time
Oh oh

And when you knew the truth of how you never followed through
Of all the ways you kept your cool when you should have played the fool
And all the hollering you did just hiding all the times you hid
And all the things you wished you'd said before the day that you will end up dead

Oh oh

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