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August 18, 2022

Inawaytoo lyrics

Am high, am getting high
Shouldn't be in the coupe where you tell me you the cool
Am not here talking bout shit for you
Baby you so fresh I really wanna take you out
Eat that pussy, eat that pussy, damn all time
Baby you so really addicted to this cool
Baby coming closer but I never really do
Yea, baby you look so really linked to your shit
I can really never run up shit I never did
Am really fucked up by things that I did
I can't really sleep so please that is true
I know I am really up all through the night
Baby come up closer when you getting to the sign
Oh baby don’t leave, don’t leave you
You say you just wanna, wanna conclude
Conclude now, you can really say Daemsey
You really won't, what the fuck you say? Hey hey
You just want tell me, what are you? Hey hey
You baby you not waterproof, you squirt
Oh shit nigga that just happened too (you know)
Oh no I just really come with clue
Bae your eyes are really high
I really gave her all my fuckin clue
Am jumping in that pussy, really same
Am holding the tape, oh baby am

Baby am getting it up, you other niggas had to see wassup
David Gentello – Inawaytoo

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