Dattebayo_music – Muzan Rap
Genre Rap

Muzan Rap


Verse 1Lil Kraezy

All these kids are just around me
Not a single Demon Slayer got a thing on thee top dog
Fingers in ya head and you gonna pray on god
That doesn't get to your blood to the point where you explode and drop
The cells of my body are inside the demons
I rip apart your particles if you try to be a freeman
Make you regret giving a devil a chance
Diligent dance, make you regret givin' a devil a chance
Cities can't settle when I'm around
Not one to meddlе with am I now
Only found by one demon slayer
Rеady for slaughter, bloody mess will haunt ya
It's funny yet they're all monsters
Their reacting is loud like concert
Causing commotion, corrupted when killing, I'VE CAUGHT YA!!!!!


Verse 2Dattebayo!

Call me a killer
I’m alright with that name
I’m the one who brings pain
The whole world's my domain
Kizuki, kept insane
Stating facts, get the gain
Stay secret, but have fame
Soon the world
Under my reign
You and I are not the same
Demons, only I can tame
Step up to me and your already dead
Turn to a demon, then they take your head
Poke in your forehead, the wall will spray red
I make the game and you follow my rules
Try to sit still, don’t dare cheat like a fool
Your power hungry? Well their blood, make it drool
You dare disobey and I’ll change up the rules

BridgeLil Kraezy

Leaving em all petrified/
The Akuma in the dead of night/
The 12 Kizuki can unite/
Demon Slayers don't know the fight/

Chorus X2UnbornKing16

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