DaShawn x RaShawn – Sushi Gang - Interlude
Genre Rap

Sushi Gang - Interlude

Killin it hope it got a will
It can catch me outside like we on doctor Phil
Ima swim in it coulda swore I had gills
Niggas jackin my style they ain’t nothing but Jill’s
Blunt fat and it’s packed like a fanny
So when I show up don’t be wearing no panties
It’s wakanda forever but this dick is the bomb Afghani
Its no wonder my ex’s can’t stand me
I’m that nigga that be fuckin on ya mammy
5 years and I bet we have a Grammy
Winning and us shit is uncanny
Ima pull up with them bump stocks nigga fuck a semi
Hit the killswitch it’s on automatic
You better fix ya antennas if you don’t want static
I’m tryna fuck off you and ya bestfriend
Stop playin, seen y’all staring at my eggplant through my sweat pants

I’m on some sushi gang shit
I fly ya bitch out the 6 put my kids in her ribs
I’m in some sushi gang shit
I will not hang with the bitch I might bang on a bitch
I’m in some sushi gang shit
Yo hoe in love with the drip man she all on my dick
I’m in some sushi gang shit
I’m on the same fuckin shit put that thang on a bitch

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