Dark Quarterer – Night Song

Night Song

The night has opened her black eyes
She asks us "Close yours, please"
She is too timid and too shy, and she is too afraid
Of being hated for her coldness, for her silent peace
Misjudged all men for her pure simplicity

Embrace the stars and let them show you the way
Sea, lull him in summer, wind take him far away
My son, you have to learn to live with all natural forces
Use them with all respect and they will respect you
You are so small, you are so fragile, so pure and so sweet
You will be man, you will be sage, your name is Ulysses

You grow up strong and clever, you will become so sly
Stronger than an eagle, more cunning than a fox
Your live will be remembered forever
And they will follow your forever
And they will cry when heaven will take you away

Dance with me under moonlight
Dance with me on the seashore
Dance with me and sing this song
She is talking about life and love

Don't be afraid of monsters, witches, disloyal subjects
Angry and jealous gods, defeat them with your guile
My son, as always they are the mirror of your fears
Don't ever let them win, remover them from your mind

You will be king - Love your queen as you love yourself
You will be king - Guide your mind along the road back
And she will love you forever
There's nothing more important than your love


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