Dark Hour – Splurgeboys
Genre Pop

Dark Hour


Bangin' Frank Ocean novacane, trippin on what I'm so not short?
Shot to the face like Kurt Cobain, left my brain on the studio floor
Can't end up another ex of yours, imu205ftellin'u205fmyselfu205fI'm so muchu205fmore
Too much shoutin'u205fand I'm playin game, can't hear that when you close the door
Once it closed can't open back, high ?? can't go like that
Might forget but we don't forget, now find myself a naughty step?
All these demons at my neck, insecurities you won't get
Too much negative thoughts in head, now ?? ain't had that yet
Came up, same ol crew, ?? man oh gon' do that do
Rolls up, same ol cliquu0435, day one niggas is who I'm with
Can't take all this fake in tu0435ams, livin' this nightmare chasin dreams
Love this beat wadn't made by me, shout out lil bro Versace
Highs too hot for me, takes me back to the ovaltine
Sunday school with Teller? and Teach?, manny? up front with G O D
All this stress and test for me, but I get you cause youre blessin' me

Verse 1

I pay the price so I don't pay the cost
Hear a voice in my head when I talk to the boss
Ill with the flow I don't spit I just sneeze
Got sick days but I ain't takin' them off
I want a break but that's not what I need
I need a bank account just like the Roths
She's in designer from head to her feet
I do not care when I'm takin' them off
Only to pray when I fall to my knees
I find the love for the people I got
Free from my thoughts when I scroll through my feed
Lookin' at pictures and people to crop?
I will not stop till I come to the lights
Need to slow down when it comes to the green
All of the beers? got man seein' red
Killin' my vibes, puttin blood on the leaves
Findin the time is a struggle for me
Hoe? wanna make it a double for me
Finding a beat of Versace and Tee is the only thing that isn't troublin me
Ay, please don't start no trouble with me
Keepin' my cool ain't a trouble for me
I'm just cooked as the frost thats the trouble with me?
Ay, she drip in a puddle for me
Tell her she can't get no ?? to me
Why she still feel like she nothin to me
Fixin' the pieces is puzzlin me
But I still carry the rubble with me
Tryin' to do right and it's rubbin on me
Lady lucky come like a mother to me


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