WERSTANY & DANIL DANILOV - House on the mountain lyrics
(English Translation)


WERSTANY & DANIL DANILOV - Sad Day I I (English Translation)

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October 12, 2022

WERSTANY & DANIL DANILOV - House on the mountain lyrics
(English Translation)

4:20 weekday time, time to blow and think the fuck
What happens when you sit at home and have nothing to think of
How it cuts, indica-sativa loves me dearly
Thirst destroys me, a sip of water, plans for the day will awaken

Sitting under the stone Agree to think that you are the chosen one, but exiled from the society of the people you see
You will see what will happen when you rise up
So smile, grab cannabis, play an encore
Brother, let's dissolve together in this smoke
From now on, everything plans to move the mountains to divide equally
We young dream to rise above these buildings
Every year more in knowledge, I become a dignity
Recorded on a sample, tgc poured so tightly
There was a lot of smoke, I lit a cigarette to read from the arrival
Progress our cause, the invasion of our fans
Those to whom Kaifu will throw crab turnip connoisseurs
I was told that a lot of tgk would be bad, I'll give you a fuck
This is our era, for the people it’s not bad for me to lay a micro
Come on, let's put our hands under the ceiling, so that it would shake and there would be no boredom
I'm ready here, at least in front of Mike for a day, in these sincere weekdays

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