Для Тебя (For You) lyrics
(English Translation)


До Ре Ми (Do Re Mi)

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Для Тебя (For You) lyrics
(English Translation)

Lyrics of the song "For You"

This city is familiar, painfully familiar:
Familiar streets, people, houses
Get wet by the rain under a black umbrella
But all the windows are empty, you're missing...
Evening, sofa, empty apartment
Martiny bottle and ice cubes
Now you're carried by the winds around the world
Where are the doors Relatives and the view from the window?


A tear down your cheek, but manage to smile
Go outside... How can you not love?
You will hear a voice to turn around
A cat who's about you all his life... For you...


The doors are closed, only sneakers remain
They will remind me how you left
She left without a note. Well, where...? Are you somewhere...
Just answer what you were looking for, did you find it?
Sitting by the window and writing a diary
Do you think there, on the other side of the world
Someone is walking, left alone
Someone is walking. Magical summer



Coffee, diary. Keep writing
Thoughts will melt, eyes will get wet
A tear down my cheek, this sadness can't be relieved
Try again from a blank page
Maybe he'll write? Will you take the phone?
Just dare to write the text
Traitor sits down, traitor iPhone
Maybe you shouldn't have waited so long?


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DANIL DANILOV – Для Тебя (For You) (English Translation)

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