My Crush lyrics
(English Translation)

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July 27, 2021

My Crush lyrics
(English Translation)

I want to take you to a far away place
There is a gentle blue sea and white sand Step gently in the quiet sea
Listen to the whispering waves
Clouds gather love
I want to take you back to that day
Where the hearts between you and I once met
The years
Our youth has just begun to bloom
Oh love is so beautiful, it's like a dream

Regardless of how many wrong ways there are in the world
As long as you know my love will never leave you
Oh oh oh I love you from Love Song Yellow
Oh oh oh oh oh oh my lips kiss from afar Oh oh oh he hummed the words I love her
Oh oh oh the moon sounds like a wild song

Sing out a song
Give me a flower
Take me back to the deserted sea
Then hum the song la la
My Crush this love for you
Loving you makes this nostalgia even bigger
The nostalgia grew and his heart sobbed
If I miss you, how can I forget you
My Crush

In front of him is an empty sky Want to forget the nostalgia
Gone with the waves
To love in you
As if never disillusioned
Even though I know loving you is wrong, I still hope

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DANH ZORAM – My Crush (English Translation)

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