Daneyl – Isolation
Genre Rap


Man, I feel so high off this melody
Like candy, it's sweet
Smooth serenity
Pass a recollection as I look at my reflection
Maybe it could cure depression
Maybe not
I'm just guessing

Parking lot free, nobody in sight
I'm in isolation but I think I'm feeling alright
Never knew
What all this meant to me
Every since elementary
Out of Anything was another perfect memory
I always wanted my own fashion
And my own passion
Do all the things I always imagined
Pulling these lyrics, use up all my emotion
All these sweat and tears could fill up three different notions
If the critics lovе this, I'll get a free promotion
At least a decеnt seven
Now give me some hope and
Even if no one approves
Give records, no grooves
Even if someone disapproves on the news
I'll forever improve

I hope one day to be a king
Get my girl a diamond ring
And sing a wedding serenade
Sing a song about how I'd save her life and jump on the grenade

Hope when I get there
At least I'll still have hair
I pause some eyes
For a standing ovation
Not a new elevation

I'm flying so high, forgetting all the issues
No more crying in my bedroom
No more used tissues
I'm finally out my shell
Finally away from Hell
Now I show 'em my words when they ask at Show 'n Tell
This feeling is electric
This feeling is benevolence
I'm flying through the clouds
With the biggest sense of elegance
Saddest follows, but I'm in the eye of the storm
At least I'm left alone, yeah, with this feeling so

It's got to be the sweetest pain
When I-

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