I’m stuck
I’m frozen
There’s nothing i can do
I can’t move
I can’t talk
I keep thinking of you
Things happen so fast
I get overwhelmed
It’s too much

Welcome to silence
Enjoy your stay
Let us know if you’re sad
We’ll make it stay that way
I’m not ok
I feel so empty
I still can’t move
Sometimes it’s too much

I stare at the ceiling
I see a face
I need to get out of here
Go into space
The emptiness
The silence
It’s all so fitting
Dark and quiet
It’s too much
My bones break
My guts spill
My tears fall
It went in for the kill
I’m free now
I’m in space
But still sometimes
It’s too much

It’s too much
It’s too much to deal with
It’s too much

It was all a dream
I’m still here
I am no longer frozen
I will rise
We will rise
But sometimes
It’s too much
But we will rise

It’s too much

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