Daddylonglegz77 – Berowra Buds
Genre Rap

Berowra Buds

Berowra Buds lyrics

Whatcha know about berowra buds
Driving back with a pound in my trunk
Known around so im counting my luck
All these cunts I count em as duds
Ain't even rate it im counting em out
Your just a gronk cunt without a doubt
Talking shit you ain't talking how
Meet me at the fuckin fountain now
Broke cunt you ain't getting a thousand
Fishing coins outta hornsby fountain
Packing a cone im packing a mountain
Grab a tree but i ain't getting grounded
If you got some lacoste or nauti
From the st vinnies up in hornsby
Then its me to thank for your laundry
Love when i see those youngers sorting
Quarters up on the borders selling our sons and daughters
Back up a hundred orders
Seein the cops and abort it situation all sorted
Run in the westfield carpark and i ain't get cornered
Fire escapе cuz i know the ways over days smokin haze

Anyways gеt this
Two north sydney detectives searched me
Find my scales and empty saddies
Stupid cunts didn't even bother pat me down on my dacks g like
Is this cunt really working
Hardly or you would find that halfie
Really wasn't even hidden well bro i look like i had three arse cheeks

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