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June 2, 2023

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Verse 1: canopy
Quiet, chsch, chsch
I'm wearing velvet now, I'm doing deadlifts
Nowadays there were rich people, there used to be poor people
I feel sorry for him, I'll give money to the new guy
I'm alive, but I fell out as Miyagi's son
Making big stacks to make mom happy
I'm a demon, bitch, I'm out of hell
I play life like it's an arcade
I'm wearing a smock, it's as long as an overpass

Verse 2: m1steryyy
It's getting hot here, as if you're chatting Asap Kira
Smoked 2 oblique hashish, took off the roof like an ax
I've a roof at 10, it’s like I’m a Khrushchev
I made 10 lyams, I've a box in my head
Opp is all gray, just like a gravestone
If you don't make calls, why use a mobile phone?
Wearing Gucci 2010 pants, you think you're stylish
I'm moving towards my goal, and my stride is now leaps and bounds

Verse 3: kushaaa
Fucked up at home - all the slaves ran away
But I don’t give a fuck now, that means I don’t feel sorry for them
I buy coke at the best price
The guys are happy, it’s like they’re in a dream right now
Our party fucks yours - ten traders
We sell weed to teachers, we don't give a fuck about people
The kids take their cues from the tough guys
Please remember this, stop fucking pigs

Verse 4: ⁣scxrgjje
I've run out of hogweed, I don't smoke anymore
As a cultist I worship at the altar
I'm fucking hungry to eat, I'm cooking some soup
Lyokha bought the beat, I thank him
I see the cactus again, no longer smoky
Today I'm excited, my mind is confused
Good weather, azure sky
Your taste in music is so petite

Verse 5: tripov
Making it crystal clear like Heisenberg
We'll set it on fire and shoot you like it's fireworks
I'm constantly on line, something like Archimedes' law
Bro is a child, but he’s already fucking everyone, fuck he’s a fidget
His tracks are awesome because he wrote with a dick in his mouth
My biologist is on the dirty - I sold him grass
I've lasers on my body, I can hit it a mile away
I believe in the religion of Pablo Escabaro, I'll pray to the deity

Verse 6: teerinke & senya
I'm like Pasha Technician - chicks sit on me
You are like a dandelion - bees land on you
Polya Lapkova got her hair cut, she's like a Samsung assistant
I smoke hashish, just like oolong tea
I threw the cones straight - it's a boulder
Bye everyone from Severki Town
-You still have a whole line here
-Fuck it

Verse 7: madexxx99
Your father is now at the gas station
They buried your bro in a cardboard box
I scammed the mammoth, now he's crazy
Your mom and I are playing blind man's buff
I became popular - mom is shocked
It's okay, because I'm on TikTok
I went to the toilet right in class
Thank you all, Alina - smacks

Verse 8: deseness
There's so much bullshit in the track, it's like I came to the zoo
It's like ninja turtles but there are 10 of us, I fucked
Animal lovers club, by the way, I fucked kittens
You disappeared for 2 weeks - you fucked up everything you could
I'll die from an overdose, bitch, there's too many of us here
You're fucking (three-two-times) your chick doesn't have a dick
I fucked an orangutan, I fucked everything I could
If you come here I'll feel sorry for your anal

Skete: canopy & deseness

The lyrics will be improved in a few weeks

сеня, deseness – САЙФЕР КОРОБКА 3 (English Translation)

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