D.N.A Cypher I


D.N.A (Dragons Never Afraid) - The 1st Full Album



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February 14, 2023

D.N.A Cypher I

D.N.A「D.N.A Cypher I」歌词

Chorus: LAY
I know it's love (Love, love), tell me how it sounds (Tell me how it sounds)
If I hold you up, would you hold me down? (Down, down)
Girl, we can take it to different places
With no limitations, no limitations
We don’t got no limits (No limits), no limitations
We don't got no limits (No limits), no limitations
Damn it, girl, I am falling with you (With you, with you)
Tell me where your heart is, ooh, yeah

Verse 1: GALI
Yo 当你在我身边完美降落
地球在晃 淡橘色的海面
吹过耳边的味道是 Tom Ford
激荡起 无法去抵抗的爱慕
应该住进画框 Salvador Dalí
Cola bottle body got me feeling toxic
Yeah 告诉我到底什么时候才可以拥有
Don't make me wonder
除了你 我什么都不愿带走
活力被融化 想要撑着
Yeah, let’s do it all again
充满色彩 像是JOJO冒的险
我像是风筝 你手里握的线
Let's do it all again
充满色彩 像是 JOJO冒的险
Love song 你听得见
穿过地球的这一边到另一边 like

Chorus: LAY
Don't tell me the lies
My heart turns to ice (To ice)
All I hear is sorry
All I hear is sorry, ooh, yeah

Verse 2: Shang Yi Chun
You got all your fancy clothеs
Your rituals and all your secrets she don't know
I can't bе hold 'em, so hold me closer
'Cause truth be told, I only say the word when it feels right
You, you, you, you
Your body tells me what to do, do, do, ah
I'm breaking all my rules for you, you, you, you
Your body takes control of all of my senses so I can give into

Verse 3: LIN
My heart is beating, I don’t know the reason
I wanna kiss you, don’t wanna miss you
Love you forever 哪怕是逆流
We always together 像空气和气球
You smell caught my neck
Your body takes control of all of my senses, so I can give into
Damn, I can't breathe 受不了
Yeah, I need company
And you need company, right
We are all lucky
You can be more bubbly, yeah
I’ll give you some candy, yeah
Baby, these are not fancies, yeah

Verse 4: Boogie Wang
Fly with the league, yeah (Fly with the league)
Busy work, back up the team, team, team (Back up the team)
Full of diamonds, running like bees (Yeah-yeah)
Throughout the spring, sweet like fame
We on it, we on it, we on it
Tryna be solid, like we on the track
We on it, we on it, we on it (Yeah)
Tropical shawty, we back on the vibe
We bounce like we (Ooh)
Yeah, we bounce like we

D.N.A (Dragons Never Afraid) – D.N.A Cypher I

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