Cyphers On Elm Street – Anthony Enos
Genre Rap

Cyphers On Elm Street

Feat. Darwin

Got a problem let me solve it, cock back and revolve it - no staling

Imma be the mother fucker quick enough to send some people at your door with a couple of clips loaded up cause I called it - aw shit

Turn the fucking crowd into a mosh pit - solid

Hold your hands out its the offering

Here to make a living straight killing rhymes in an instant just wishing I had a longer life so I could do this often

Oh god, re-adjust your aim, no time for fame, I'm so deranged, its such a shame, I pour champagne, but don't say grace cause I know the fake snakes who make bank

Only want thе chance to bounce you back like a shakеweight, what's fate, just a bunch of lies on a bent stake - hold up, did he just say that it's all jank? of course I did I spit the facts out like a rusty can of spray paint

So I'm here with Darwin, engines started, back to back macks with bass to blast tracks obtain a gas mask your daily forecast is flames from fast raps

I don't just shift - I'm the stick in the corvette

Make you feel sick like your head in a cold sweat

Said you need plugs I'm the E in the outlet

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