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December 3, 2020

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Gung Foo lyrics

Black Josh
Yo r kid, twist the spliff spark it
Hit it like the target, embers on the carpet
Leaving burn holes at your ma's crib
While you listen to us barring
With the hardest instrumentation on a Xanny bar binge
Black lungs, got a Cali pack where my heart is
I ain't playing games, can't use a SEGA with this cartridge
Load it up it's tearing through your arteries, human carcass
Pollute your harvest, food's a bargain, pub bash for you to party
Starving, got a load on my plate
I'm sick, I don't know what I've ate
I'm throwing up both my middle fingers in your face
Bitch, you got the dough? This ain't a date
Safe, you thought we were but we ain't
Far from a saint, a YSL t-shirt on me faith
That's a YungSwegLawd bootlеg that we made
In Mannyfornia dreaming of Californian flavеs

Lee Scott
I'm struttin' like, Money Mike, I cut your kite strings
And pin down a butterfly's wings just in case
Now teach me some shit I can unlearn
Went to paradise, got this blistering sunburn
And some Camel lights, duty free not ASDA price
You ain't schooling me I'm Schoolly D
Due to all these women and this whiskey I've been drinkin'
I forgot which one of ya's I was subliminally dissing
You love us but we hate you, I freebase glue
And scream over your records like DJ Clue?, Clue?
Rock Gucci like I'm bougie but I'm a cheapskate too
They're like 'you got that shit off Milk for free, mate', true
I make the type of shit to turn your Green Day blue
If we break through then it's fucked up for everybody
You better lock me in a room and pray for doomsday, mate

Sly Moon
Ay yo you ain't shit to Mr. Sly (No)
Give you shit advice don't be thinking twice
Price on my head is minus a pence
Climbing your fence to commit a violent offence
My mind is possessed
There ain't no time in this life to repent
Yo I ain't writing ahead, uh
Don't know the alphabet but got my I's on your Z
Getting high to forget my life is a mess
It's the cycle that never ends (Never)
All I need is nine pounds and I can get a Benz (Gimme that)
Dressed like a tramp setting trends
Me and this can of Kestrel are the best of friends

Stinkin Slumrock
This is tequila tonight so the kidda getting waved
Plus that line upon my mirror ?, I ain't tryna wait
Got a peng ting, big batty matching waist
While you pussyholes stay watching acting waste
Yeah you know that it be Slummy
Scummy swamp dweller hunting honies
But I'm on road maximizing all my money
So I'm out here with the Cult, gotta get in bulk
Gotta sell the bo. ? gotta sell ya boat
Or something that will tingle up that nose like woah!
All up in your system like flow
Got your sister whipping up the bros. (Whipping up the bros.)
It be old news, I done poked her in the ...
'Cus the ? be getting kinda loose
I'm a cult sag rat not coz there's nothing else to do
Apart from empty out your pockets an act a fool
I'm with the gang, don't try fucking up the mood
Nah talking ain't the option you should choose

And yes I, do wrong tryna get right
Get right so much there's no left side
Late night 2 hour drive for some Tec and I slept twice
And did it all with no headlights
Let's call that all a test drive
I got stopped for the, told the officer
I'm used to driving on the left side
I don't know how I was let slide
Red eyes and a pint in the whip no Red Stripe
And baby I'm just tryna get high
I don't mean hello and that is why I said bye
Live your best life, I just live and let die
Roger Moore, baby, I want some more
Vans print on my pill when I'm bouncing off the walls
Shit, lock your doors
Shout Johnny Ford but fuck a Ford
I'm in the Honda Accord and I just wanna record

King Grubb
I introduce myself as the one with the bally on
Your shit's played out, keep calm and carry on
Evading bobbies from ? to dam to ? I'm godly
Rap paragon, cult propaganda song
The mastodon, man my splabs get chonged
Head blasted off of the shoulders it's sat upon
Been sky high for years now, ain't landed once
Freestyle? I hear voices and rap along
I see it now, frontpage a classic font, "The king's in town"
Me in a crown with a tree in my mouth
Tell you three's a crowd and leave with your spouse
So you need to watch out like beadle's? about
Smoking trees like I don't believe in the drought
Taxing g's for dirty money, cleaning them out
Don't get caught slipping
I kicked the bucket as you go to hit it
Here's a brush for your broken spirit

Bill Shakes
Talk is cheap like Matt's cabs
Muppets throw biguns and I see 'em backtrack
Yeah, a fiend for fat splabs
Tape ? and ? your wax dabs
Uh, in the Fiat hatchback
Folding your bird like an IKEA flatpack
Guaranteed the last laugh
Taxing cream from fat cats and cheese from rat traps
Booze and drugs, shrooms and dust
You can die son, I'll vacuum it up
Yeah, liquid in the time sink a pint
Cult sag run and sniff the finish line

Cult of the Damned – Gung Foo

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