Crooksters – My World
Genre Rap

My World

Feat. Mongotti


Let me take you to my world
Let me take you to my world
Yeah baby


I show up at yo job
With some apple lotion
A lifetime of sexy draws and bras
Get in the car, let's go far
To stars, closer to mars
Change the alphabet to U and I
'cause this world is ours
What about our own beach?
With the permanent passage in our own feet
I cop a squat, chief a sweet
Beneath our own palm tree
Enjoy yourself girl
'cause thats on me
You keep ya beat for what it's for
Important people, they can't reach ya
We on a lost land
Like Tarzan
And Jane and cheetah
Sippin' margarhitas, makin' love
Like we on overdub, and can't stop
Nobody suppose to be here, ask there for cocks
Hittin' yo spot, layin in the sand
Watch the waves rush the rocks
Sit in the sunset
With the live jazz band, chill
Why not imagine
We the only ones on Baywatch
Who wake up


Cousin Pete / P Rico

Walk with me, talk with me
Would you like to grab some to eat?
Rent a room, massage yo back, rub yo feet?
And only do what you let me
As I proceed to give you Hennessey
You thinkin' of me
"Now is he gonna be my man for eternity?"
We'll see, if you come with me
Let me take you places
You have never been or ever seen
Hennessey, smokin' weed
For me and you there is no need
Meditatin' minds I can't describe
What you mean to me
One day we will be
In a world full of fantasies
Take me by the hand
So we can start on this journey
Baby don't worry
I got you, and you got me
Laid back, relax yo mind
Set it off and be free



Excuse me Miss, don't mean to bother you
But I just couldn't help
But to notice yo style n yo profile
And the way you carry yo'self
Unlike any other cutie
With a small waist a big booty
You got that down-earth type a' class
That give you that inner type beauty
No weaves, no fake nails
Everything on this gal original
Pretty skin, pretty smile
Have a nigga hormones runnin' wild
With a figure that have a grown ass nigga
In a state of shock to memorize
Just walk by and say Hi
That's enough a young nigga fantasise



Love me or leave me
Hate me or please me
We can do it hard or fake making love
And take it easy
Let yo mind take a trip into Slaughters world of game
When you touch back down, you never be the same
Mary-Jane, fix yo pain
Just to stimulate our brains
In the night it's there and blaze up
Bumpin' Bring The Pain
Switching lanes
You constant smilin'
But at the same, mirror bitches hell
It's 3 in the mornin', I'm doin 90
To the nearest motel, don't tell
What we do, it's confidential
That's just how I do business
I ain't got nothin' againt you
Just don't press the issue
Skin soft like tissue
Ass round like a kickball
We gon' have a ball
Imma give it to you
So give it yo all


Come go with me
Come go with me
Come go with me

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