Critters – Twilight Creeps
Genre Rock


Think about it; talk it over; take it
I don’t really care try and figure it out
Lift the wait off my shoulders, steal it, crash course, maybe try and runaway now

I don’t think that you're crazy
I just think you're a little bit sour now
Just a little bit maybe
My guess is you’ll never calm down

Trip and I fall and it's a long way down

Bittersweet when I know your faking
I don’t give a damn about a plastic smile
I can tell that you're shaking maybe
That's how it feels with your runaway style

I don’t care if I’m losing
I don’t know if I'll ever change who I am
Are we more than illusions?
Were we more than a thrift store scam?

Can't hide the day
When we can’t figurе anything out
One night away
Until we both back-down

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