Crisisxo – Tomorrow
Genre Rap


Verse 1

Pull up 4 deep, We frying shit
I'm with the gang we ridin' bitch
Got a 2JZ I'm slidin' it
Choppa beside me, I'm poppin it
New Maserati I stay winnin'
Bitch come take a ride hop in it
Come take a ride baby, be complicit
Still haven't come down baby give me a minute
I'd give you a call but your number is missing
I'll try to be there in 10, baby I'm on a mission
Ooh Yeah, Yeah
Get away from me and my business
Green beam on the choppa not missin'
Astronaut in the air, I'm floatin'
Keep a clip on me, I'm tottin'
Dior on me no Rick
Plain jane rollie it tick
Erron Black I carry my stick
5.56 let it hit
Hit you with that five-five
Bitch I'm smoking on zaza
Put away your pride, Yeah
Comе spend the night, Yeah
Comе take a ride
Baby let's take a hike
Look at the sky


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Verse 2

Aye, spend the night
Can you feel the vibes
Tell me how you're feeling
It will all be alright
Don't worry about tomorrow
Baby focus on tonight
We can work things out
Ain't no need to fight
I'm trying to go left
Baby don't take a right
Stay with me I'll change your night
Stay with me I'll change your life
Pull up 4 deep, We frying shit
I'm with the gang we ridin' bitch
2JZ I'm slidin' it
Feel like Adam NoJumper
We jump shit
This not a game don't talk shit
Pop out with the gang that's dropship
Unreleased you ain't never cop this
I've said enough let me stop this
This, Yeah, This, Yeah, This

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