Tekken4 lyrics
(English Translation)



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September 9, 2023

Tekken4 lyrics
(English Translation)

I accelerate on my Skyline
Don't think about your future
I know you'll be fine
Behind me ps2/nintendo64
The vibe is different
When you enter my room
But this life is boring
I swear I've had enough
Blows & Wounds
Everything in tekken4
Kontra scam kontra atake
Kontra scam kontra atake
Kontra scam kontra atake
I dodge your attacks
In one hand I've the keyblade
In the other I've Excalibur
Flames of hell
They live inside me
Flames of hell
They grow inside me
On my neck I've a seal
Cursed Seal
I don't want to kill anyone
But I've to kill everyone
I don't want to be a burden
Feeling like a failure
I activated hollow mode
I'll not be defeated

The lyrics will be improved in a few weeks

CozyFeka – Tekken4 (English Translation)

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