Verse 1Pedo Piper

Pedo Piper on the beat
Probably bouta' beat my meat
Fucked some kid on the street
Yall know we dropping heat
Fire, like my cum shot
Check the basement full of kids I got
Adults aren't even that hot
Not close to my fourté, these kids like the foreplay
Playing with the cum I spray, dance on my cock like its ballet
Using their tippy toes, loving the hoes, they love me
Spank them over my knee, makes me even more horny [ay, ay
Tie them to the bed, force them to give me head shit now shes dead [also 12]


See you on the other side
See you on the other side
See you on the other side
Of my Web History

Verse 2100dems

Fiddling with kids like Bash Fetchum
Massaging the balls like I'm Ash Ketchum

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