COVER MY EYES – Human Error
Genre Pop


Feat. Myra Helder

IntroMyra & William

I, I love you, I love you
I, I love you, I love you

Verse 1William

Aye, yea
Had to relapse to recover
To make it out of the bubble
All these new feelings discovered
Now when will I see another
I’ll make it out for my brothers
I’m living heartache in the flesh
Had to start another mesh to see the life I’ll never get
They don’t know I’m upset
I’m trying not to confess
My bag heavy, my heart heavy, my axis offset
I swear we used to connect
I got a lot of regrets
Uh yeah
I got a lot of regrets
I’d go back I’d reset, what was I to expect
I was good at the start
But then it turned to a mess
Man I just need some rest
Man, uh, yeah
Man I just need some rest

Verse 2Avi

Never really sorry till you hurt in the end
But I still got some wounds to mend
I-I-I I got lost tryna find who I am
But I know my nigga god got a plan
So I go left foot, right foot, left foot in the sand
Hoping I can make it again, uh
Facing the wind
Never really show it but my passion is thin
Never sink always swim
But been drowning since 2010, uh
But I never give in
Hands full of scabs and my knees always skinned
Homies turn to family when Pablo put down the pen
God damn, uh

Verse 3wilson

I often don’t talk about this topic, it's sensitive
But this was sitting in my system
I had to be hesitant
The snakes that live with you can still be venomous
But you ignore that, and keep a bad estimate so listen
Is stop it forgotten when it’s said by women
Men don’t know that they have benefits
They aren’t pessimists, it’s just the way we made them live
Lie to her face, but still have some etiquette
Some remain silent, and some get away with it
So many ties cut
So many night drives spent crying
Cover your eyes, don’t let the light in
Always told to hide that pain, so I guess we’re alright then
Yeah I guess we’re alright then
I guess we’re alright then
I guess we’re alright then

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