Cosmic Kev Freestyle – Cassidy
Genre Rap

Cosmic Kev Freestyle

They say your word is everything, everything in whose eyes
Guys confuse lies with the truth, the truth of true lies
My two eyes seen plenty of dudes die, but I survive
You guys can't walk in my shoes, I'm not your shoe size
I flipped a few bricks, couple birds flew by
Coke white like it got blonde hair and blue eyes
Pies I move, when I'm in the hood I'm a hoodlum
I jury shop, my jewelry box remind me of Jerusalem
Cats let they gat blast fast like a moosalum
I call my nine Ramadan when I'm introducin' him
I smoke pot like Snoop and them
Pockets fat like Bruce Bruce and them, Fatman Scoop and them
All my shooters, I keep losin them
They either in a box or a cell block, prosecution accusin them
Cats is rattin, prosecution confusin them
Of course to get rectified, they go to court and testify
Lift they right hand on the stand, Snitch on they right hand man
And blame it on the white man, damn
Man I took a hundred grand out this white man hand
And gave him three K's like that white man Klan
My watch is rockin out like a white man band
I'm no joke...

My watch is rocking out like a white man band
That's a joke, I hope I don't offend my white man fans
The smoke is in the air like a hype mans hands
The mic is a deadly weapon in the right man hands
I'm not a hater but I'm not a tight pants fan
Tight pants I can't stand, I dress like a damn man
If you dress like the opposite sex you a damn tran
Aluminum bat, CRACK!, grand slam
I might be in the Bent, might be in the damn van
The turtle gettin top cause I'm freaky like Cam's man
The truth be told, the whole industry is a damn scam
Ran by pricks with big heads like an NBA Jam man
I'm the sandman, I'm a 'Lac you a Grand Am
Fall back and get smacked with the back of my damn hand, man
I ain't mumble neither you don't wanna rumble neither
Float like a butterfly, I be the bumble bee'd ya
I'm a winter warmer and I'm a summer freezer
Shinin, black and white diamonds, jungle fever
I'm a jungle lion, you a jungle zebra
You just run around the jungle, I'm the jungle leader
You just eat grass, Cass' eat fuckin zebras
So I don't need to hear nothing I'm off the fuckin meter
I ain't bluffin neither, I'm on fire, got a fuckin fever
I'm the hustler, you a fuckin diva
If life's a bitch then fuckin leave her
It's like if you don't like living then, break up with her then
And once you break up you can't make up with her and
Start actin right, come back to life and live again
I live life like its sweet to the bitter end
Until I'm a heavenly citizen, I'mma get it in
My name Cassidy, say hello to your majesty
When it's time to spit, the marijuana lit
I gotta have it, I gotta have it, and I ain't trying to quit
My flow so tough, it crush niggas confidence
My flow hot like a pot of your grandma grits
I get it poppin' like pork bacon
If you need food for thought, the spoon and the fork waitin'
Of course I praise the Lord, I don't support Satan
I support showing love. I don't support hatin'
I'm wiser, and more humble, and more patient
I'm making more cake, I'm here for the duration
You hear the music the boy makin', the boy fakin'
I ain't buying that bullshit, the boy lyin'
I don't care about the gear the boy buyin'
I could care less about the jets that the boy flyin'
I'm not concerned about the cars he cop
I want to know how many bars he got, and if his bars hard or not
I'm sorry Op, I'm was trying to make the party pop
Round the time Drumma, Base, and Hennie, and Bacardi drop
You only gon be hot for a little while, but you see through like the coffee pot

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