Cory Liner – Rust Lines
Genre Pop

Rust Lines

Verse 1

Questionable ambiguity is keeping you ahold
Caught you with my sexy glazed ways

What should I do
Sure as hell can’t be that to you
Sin of it’s own
Betrayal in the finest


We’re getting so old
Needles in my bones
You hold your grudges
From so long ago

No I don’t condone
What happens to you
But bringing it along
Is corrupting all we do

Post Chorus

All because I didn’t wanna cuff you
Every link supposedly has bruised up you
And now I’ll hold you down too

Verse 2

Out with your friends but want me to stay at home [I’m at home
Worried someone better will show themselves [Appeasing you
But my tuition is raising every year
And you’re aware
Using money to make me stay

Keep me a sugar baby
Compliments and diamond things
And that’s how you keep holding me
Well [You should use a better tactic]


This is getting so old
Got problems of my own
Boys I wanna kiss
You hold me back with the shit

I do on the daily
You make me this way
Does the good out weigh?
Will I find better than you?

Post Chorus

I’ll never know if I don’t drop you
Things can heal with time
But instead with more we get rust lines

And soon the chain of us
Will break and i’ll thrive without you


It’s sad but true
Sad but it’s true
The confidence is lacking in you
It’s sad but true
Sad but it’s true
The confidence is lacking in you

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