Corvan XD – There For Me
Genre Pop

There For Me

[Verse 1
Back of the room, I still remember you
The times we had, We all had our laughs
My heart was empty, It was as dark as a kitten
My thoughts were drained like I had been left in the rain
The pain was hard to sustain yet it was the wholeness of you
It was like putting on new shampoo
I thought you didn’t love me
But you had something that was the best for me
I just couldn’t get enough, but you were always there for me
Through the hard times, when thе pain was growing
You have always been fierce for mе

Verse 2
I was stuck in that room
Yeah I forgot I had you
You have always been different for me
Cause you wanted me to fit in
You opened my eyes
You brought me back to Christ
My one and only
The one that makes me my soul only
Your heart and soul
Just like my mom’s guacamole
That’s just who I am

Don’t stop
Im a menace

Just like you
Brought me back
Open my eyes


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