Corey St.Rose – MMM
Genre Rap


MMM lyrics



I wear the Maison Margiela [Yeah
100 bands and it fit in the sweater [Cash
Steal my style but I still do it better [Huh
My brother just told me keep applying the pressure
I’m smoking on Gushers, ball on the court I don’t need me a jumper
They playing with mustard, when they gotta ketchup
Send a thottie just keep me a set up
Big diamonds better go get your bread up
Broke her heart, don't know what to tell her
Keep the mans in the gun on the dresser
Yeah, I'm back on the road
I ain't comin' if I can't bring my pole
She a thottie, she can't leave me alone
No father, she just wanna be grown, yeah
Hit from the back, blow her back out
Grabbin' her thighs, pullin' her tracks out
In the city but I got it mapped out
Casamigo and pussy I black out
Wait, all of my windows be tinted [Skrrt
I am the new chief lieutenant
We could shoot a movie, Cole Bennett [Okay]

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