Contact High – Killah Priest
Genre Pop

Contact High


Killah Priest, Rocket To Nebula
Killah Priest, Rocket To Nebula
Rocket To Nebula
Rocket To Nebula

First rapper to tape his verse on a computer

Although the voices are different, it’s still controlled, controlled, controlled by the user

[I am the greatest
[I am the greatest
[of all ages]

[I’d rather be smoking weed
[I’d rather be smoking weed]


The beast is like an interlude
When I write, it’s like an interview
Nights within my living room
Right outside my swimming pool
The lights is metaphysical
It’s bright, I said it lyrical
Pages like a palette
My pen has made my palate the brush
In front of an island of trees
s in touch
I’m in touch with the galaxy
I’m well awoke
You can tell my growth from a telescope
I’m what help provoke
The spells I wrote could be encased in a carbonite jar that’s tight behind a velvet rope
The bars I write is for modern life in god’s delight
Israelites, mystic types
And given wisdom is visions of Allah tonight
My right hand coming for the skeleton’s throat
The element ghost
Can you break down my intelligent quotes?
Then make revolt?
Paradigm shift
Travel time switch
Planning mind trips
Planet alignment
Parallel lines twist to a helix vortex of spirits
More less lyrics
Alkaline mirrors the purest
The realest
When I was young, I wanted to give Cinderella my genitalia
Interstellar ancestor fortune teller since the Walkman era
Space police codename Gordon Lester
Important letter from the war on terror
My force is better
The source forever
You can’t absorb the pressure
You can’t recall the never
It’s raw together, astounding
We the only two here and I still got you surrounded
Confounded by my announcement
I go to war while I’m still lounging
I can take off but I’m still grounded
A lot of weight loss but I’m still balanced
The sacred native said while he was painted red, “he’s the only train that can make the clouds withhold rain”
As he threw magic dust on the open flame, while reciting the holy name, he sang and danced all night in the forest ’til the coyotes came
And all the smoke and the quotes couldn’t hold him tame
As they showed their fangs, one got bold, went low and the others did the same
Slow as they ganged, he dropped to his knees and felt the scorpion sting
As he holds his knee, he cried out to the coyotes
But it was so much blood that their coats were stained
And where the sacred native stood, there were no remains


That was close
Baby, roll up the window
Blow your smoke
So we get high
You’re not alone, I brought a blunt to roll
I get a contact high every time I touch you

Baby, roll up the window
That was close

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