Condition Critical – Interminable Surgery

Interminable Surgery

Strapped to the table, injected till stable
Never ending pain will be brought upon
Stripped of all possessions, a killing obsession
All the organs pulled and slowly drawn

Pain, desire, the satisfaction
The pleasure of watching you die
The depth of your body
Killing all the nerves
Screaming to survive

Fulfilling the need to go out and kill
Everyone's a target, adding to the thrill
The options are endless, excruciating terror
Ending your life with one final sеver

Split in half, DETACH HEAD
Deformed and seen togеther again

Pulling away as the knife takes it's place
Expulsion of the arteries, disfiguring the veins
Entering deeper as it cuts through the case
The killing is savory and the tools are to blame

Somebody help me
Interminable SURGERY
Piercing to achieve
Congestion building
Interminable SURGERY
The feeling is right
Limb from limb

[Solo: Taylor
[Solo: Barhoum
[Solo: Taylor
[Solo: Barhoum]

Atrocious acts towards a leftover mess
Nothing left but a worthless corpse
The thought of it being over
But it only gets worse

Mental possession is what he craves
Feel your mind as it's drained beyond control
Loss of life, feeling is surreal
The condition is CRITICAL

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