Coming Home (The Call of Gaia) – Black Soul Horde

Coming Home (The Call of Gaia)

I stare at the moon
I wait for the sun to rise
I am an outcast in your eyes

I'm dying alone
I drown in your sea of pain
Can't wait to see your face again

I'm coming home [x4]

My tormented soul
Is fading like candlelight
A glow that drowns into the night

I'm coming back home
This is the eternal fall
Gaia, the princess of my soul

I'm coming home [x?]

Gaia [x3
Mother of All


Mother of all

Foundation of all
The oldest one

Queen of Earth
Through you beautiful harvest came

The giving of life
And the taking of life
Both are yours

Happy is the man you honor

The one who has this
Has everything...


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